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Vintage 4" Centerset Bathroom Faucet, Brass Pop-Up, Satin Nickel - Vintage 4" Centerset Bathroom Faucet, Brass Pop-Up, Satin Nickel KS3448BL
Vintage 4" Centerset Bathroom Faucet, Brass Pop-Up, Satin Nickel - Vintage 4" Centerset Bathroom Faucet, Brass Pop-Up, Satin Nickel KS3448BL
http://a1ly.com/html/2728.html - 2 K -

Vintage Shower Set PB - Vintage Shower Set PB CC63T2
Vintage Shower Set PB - Vintage Shower Set PB CC63T2
http://a1ly.com/html/1895.html - 1 K -

Vintage Shower Set PB - Vintage Shower Set PB CC61T2
Vintage Shower Set PB - Vintage Shower Set PB CC61T2
http://a1ly.com/html/1894.html - 1 K -

Kingston Brass Vintage Bathroom Lav CP - Vintage Bathroom Lav CP KB3601BL
Kingston Brass Vintage Bathroom Lav CP - Vintage Bathroom Lav CP KB3601BL
http://a1ly.com/html/1792.html - 1 K -
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Kitchen Granite Countertop

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GE Control Cover WP71X10004 | Speakman Color Temp Cartridge | Broadway Faucet Handle

AMERICAN STANDARD Master Distributor

American Standard® 2403.128 Compact Cadet FloWise™
American Standard®
2403.128 Compact Cadet FloWise™ One Piece Toilet With Seat Included $533.95
American Standard® 6155.100 FloWise™ Flush-Free Waterless Small Urinal
American Standard®
6155.100 FloWise™ Flush-Free Waterless Small Urinal. Odor Barrier-Key. $232.70
American Standard® 3695.128 Priolo FloWise™
American Standard®
3695.128 Priolo FloWise™ High Efficiency Two-Piece Elongated Toilet. $282.75
American Standard® 2832.128 Cadet® Three FloWise™
American Standard®
2832.128 Cadet® Three FloWise™ Two-Piece Elongated Toilet. $189.95
American Standard® 1660.717 FloWise™  Multi Function Shower  Head
American Standard®
1660.717 FloWise™ Multi Function Shower Head Adjustable Flow. $42.25
American Standard® 5023.100 Bidet
American Standard®
5023.100 Bidet Vitreous China Integral Overflow Matchs Cadet Toilets. $338.95


American Standard Is One Of The Few To Offer Entirely Made In USA Products
AMERICAN STANDARD BRANDS is one of the elite, few plumbing manufacturers who has products entirely “Made in the USA”, meeting the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) – Buy American Requirements for Construction Material. For a product to qualify under this legislation, virtually all materials, labor and inputs must be made in the United States, not only assembled in America. “The American Standard ‘Made in the USA’ portfolio includes a comprehensive offering of high-performance, water efficient vitreous china and lavatory products designed for residential as well as commercial, industrial and institutional applications,” explains Jeremy Cressman, vice president and general manager, commercial trade, for American Standard. “In fact, our American Standard Brands chinaware plant in Nevada, Missouri, is one of just two facilities to manufacture commercial chinaware plumbing products in the United States.” The top rated American Standard Cadet® 3 ADA elongated and regular height two-piece toilets are manufactured domestically, as are the Colorado™ flushometer toilet bowls, the Missouri™ wall-mount lavatory, the Ohio™ (oval) and Kentucky™ (round) self-rimming lavatories, and the Nevada™ undermount lavatory. “While our company maintains a global supply chain, we operate design, engineering and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, which produce chinaware, acrylics, shower bases, terrazzo and other products,” says Cressman. “We welcome the opportunity to help architects, engineers and contractors involved in stimulus-funded projects select the appropriate product for Buy American-ARRA compliance.” 77-year Heritage of Compliance with the Buy American Act, The Buy American Act, originally signed into law in 1933 by President Franklin Roosevelt, was expanded in 2009 with the enactment of the Recovery Act. The overriding purpose of these acts was to spur economic activity and investment in the long-term growth of the United States and its trading partners. For more than 130 years, American Standard has been America’s leading plumbing manufacturer with a comprehensive selection of vitreous china toilet and lavatory products that are entirely made in the United States. A-1 Plumbing Supply, a1ly.com/, is proud to stock a complete line of American Standard Genuine Replacement Parts, popular items in stock for immediate delivery. ###


AMERICAN STANDARD Responsible Bathroom Tour
Saving 2 Billion Gallons of Water, One Community at a Time The AMERICAN STANDARD Responsible Bathroom Tour Arrives A-1 Plumbing Supply to Highlight Water Conservation. Local water conservation is the most direct way to reduce water bills and cut energy costs while also managing a precious resource. To help raise awareness about water conservation and to offer practical solutions through water-saving bathroom fixtures, a national mobile marketing campaign arrived with much excitement and interest at A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse. READ MORE


AMERICAN STANDARD BRANDS - Crane - Jado - Porcher - Safety Tubs Catalog Now Available
AMERICAN STANDARD BRANDS - Crane - Jado - Porcher - Safety Tubs Catalog Now Available. Thank you for considering our bath & kitchen products for your business, institution and home. Spend some time with us and get to know why American Standard is once again the buzz of the industry, beating well-established bath & kitchen brands in style, satisfaction and top-ranked performance. Before American Standard, there was the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company. It was founded in 1875, and merged with several other small plumbing manufacturers in 1899 to form the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company. Standard Sanitary pioneered many of the plumbing product improvements introduced in the early part of this century including the one-piece toilet, built-in tubs, combination faucets, which mix hot and cold water to deliver tempered water, and tarnish-proof, corrosion-proof chrome finishes for brass fittings. By 1929, Standard had become the world's largest producer of bathroom fixtures. That same year, the Standard Sanitary Corporation merged with American Radiator Company to form the American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation. The corporation adopted the name "American Standard" in 1967. And, in the last few years introduced new products and innovations in all of product categories, leaving an indelible impression on the industry. At American Standard, it all begins with our unmatched legacy of quality and innovation that has lasted for more than 130 years. It is this tradition of quality and innovation that puts American Standard Brands in three out of five homes in America, as well as, countless hotels, airports, and stadiums. American Standard provides the style and performance that fit perfectly into life, wherever that may be, with a broad range of bath and kitchen products that are designed to marry style and function with innovative solutions, creating products that simply make life easier. Every product made is designed to meet the unique needs of our consumers and trade partners all over the world. At American Standard, innovation never stops, ingenuity never ceases, history never dates itself and needs never go unmet. A-1 Plumbing Supply stocks the new and exciting products from American Standard Brands in addition to a complete line of service support legacy and discontinued, hard to find repair parts. VIEW CATALOG


A-1 Plumbing Supply - Top Major Brands Air Conditioning HVAC In Stock Immediate Delivery
A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse - Central, PTAC, Split, Multi-Split, Wall, Window Air Conditioning now stocked for immediate delivery. Nothing seems to sell out faster than top-rated air conditioners on a hot day, be sure to trim energy bills while still staying cool this summer. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse is a stocking distributor of Air Conditioners all equipped with R-410A, a relatively new refrigerant required by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 410A does not deplete the ozone layer. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse is proud to present the Honeywell® REDLINK Wireless Thermostat System Kits for home and business, with a complete line of HVAC equipment and support parts such as DuPont® ISCEON designed for keeping your customer comfortable at a comfortable price. With prompt professional account service we distribute TRANE® Central Air Conditioning for residential and business, GE® and LG® Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners for hotel and multi-dwelling, LG® Single Split and Zoned Split Residential Air Conditioners and LG Wall and Window Air Conditioning up to 4.0 Tons with Immediate Delivery. Buy Today. Ship Today. Delivered To Your Door. Popular products at popular value enhanced pricing include A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse TITAN Technical Support. How to choose your air conditioner: • Size it correctly. An air conditioner that's too small won't do a good job cooling the room. And one that's too big cools the area so quickly that it doesn't have time to remove enough moisture, resulting in a clammy room and extra energy costs. • Note the noise. A-1 Plumbing Supply warehouses models that scored excellent in noise tests and are so quiet that the only sound is the fan running. • Windows Units factor in the window location. Air conditioners generally do a better job blowing air in one direction than in the other. That can be a problem if the window isn't centered on the wall. With all units to uniformly cool a room, direct air to its center. Check whether the A/C needs to blow air to the right or to the left at installed location. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse has an inventory of popular ceiling fans help cut cooling costs, unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans won't lower a room's temperature or remove humidity but consumers can save energy and money by using ceiling fans and turning off the air conditioning or by turning up the A/C's temperature a few degrees and letting the fan's breeze do the rest. But remember, ceiling and portable fans cool people, not the room, so don't leave them on when no one is there. A-1 Plumbing Supply wants to remind you that Tax Credits Have Been Extended thru 2011 and most of our HVAC systems qualify. Now may be the time to install a new tankless hot water heater we stock and distribute from Eternal®, Navien® and Rinnai®. Be sure to receive a quote from our HVAC Division for all your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs.


A-1 Plumbing Supply Stock Thousands Of Hard To Find - Discontinued Plumbing Parts
A-1 Plumbing Supply Stock Thousands and Thousands of Hard To Find - Discontinued Plumbing Parts and No One Knows Replacement Parts Better Than Us, your online resource for replacement plumbing parts. With over 100 different brands in stock and an inventory of over 925,000 hard to find - discontinued parts, we have a never ending catalog of faucets, faucet parts, toilets, handles, fixtures and accessories. You've Come To The Right Place, you searched every hardware store in your area looking for one specific plumbing part, your entire project being held up because you can't find one small stem or cartridge or handle - We are confident we can help you with our network of hard to find - discontinued plumbin supply discounted warehouse stores inventory. We stock genuine replacement parts - a national distribution company with warehouses across America. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse Store is proud to offer many years of Service and Knowledge in the plumbing and repair industry. Stocked plumbing parts available for prompt delivery to your door only available from A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse.


Safety Tubs for Kids - American Standard Brands
Safety Tubs for Kids® – Gender Neutral Flat Panel Design Suited For Custom Graphic Applications - Fierce Fire Truck Tub - Pretty Princess Castle Tub - Gender Neutral Flat Panel Design. Safety Tubs for kids! is a new patent pending product from Safety Tubs that transforms your ordinary bathtub into a safe, fun and water efficient unit. It’s great for kids, and even better for parents and the environment! Safety Tubs for kids is a perfect solution for bathing small children, from infants all the way up to 70 pounds. Easy installation gives parents the freedom to bathe their children in comfort, while eliminating common bathroom hazards such as slips and falls, as well as injuries to parents caused by stooping and lifting over a traditional 60" bathtubs. This temporary unit fits easily over existing tubs and is quickly removable when no longer needed. Constructed of durable and easy to maintain cast acrylic, the new Safety Tubs for kids offers molded designs for boys and girls, a customizable flat panel design, and makes bath time a fun time for all. The unit comes complete with a strong powder-coated aluminum frame that resists rust and corrosion, padded anchors to protect the existing tub, and a chrome hand-shower with integral on/off switch that ties into existing plumbing. Accessories such as a custom fit tub lid that converts the tub deck into a large changing station or storage compartment are available to compliment the tub. Safety Tubs for Kids available from A-1 Plumbing Supply, prompt delivery to your door.


Bathrooms Safety Guide Daily Use
Bathrooms Daily Danger 1 : Wet Floors - Bathrooms pose a huge hazard when tiled floors get wet, especially if you have small children or elderly relatives. Children can quite easily be knocked unconscious whilst stepping out of the bath, and an older person could do some serious damage if thy slipped and fell onto the hard floor. Prevention: Put a non-slip mat into the bath, and place bath mats by the bath and/or shower. If the bathroom is large, you might want to consider placing a wider mat in the centre of the room so there is another safe space to stand whilst drying off. But be careful that you don't trip on the mat! Bathrooms Daily Danger 2 : Scalding Water - Babies and small children have very delicate skin, and can get scalded so much quicker than adults. Nor does any adult like to step into a dodgy shower that suddenly goes scaldingly hot without notice. Scalds can be incredibly painful, take a long time to heal and leave unsightly scars. Prevention: If your shower starts to play up, get it fixed by a professional plumber immediately. Always monitor the temperature of your children's bathwater, keeping it below 38ºC. Consider investing in mixer taps that will keep the temperature of your water at a safe level. Bathrooms Daily Danger 3 : The Medicine Cabinet - Small children are attracted to pretty coloured tablets and liquid medicines that look like sweets and juices. Not to mention the plastic bottles that make fun rattling sounds. Prevention: Fit childproof locks onto your bathroom medicine cabinet or drawers, and ideally fit the cupboard high up on the wall where little hands can't reach. Always buy brand that feature child-proof caps or lids. Bathrooms Daily Danger 4: Electrics - Water and electricity really don't mix, so unless you want a nasty shock, keep radios, heaters and other electrical products away from the bath tub and sinks. Make sure the light bulbs in your bathroom are safely fitted, and that the only electrical sockets are ones specially designed for razors. If there is ever any fault with the electrics in your bathroom, get them fixed by a professional immediately, recommends A-1 Plumbing Supply.


Bathrooms With A Difference
Bathrooms can be so boring. Everyone seems to have the same design, with white fittings, neutral paint and laminate floors. If you have a flamboyant personality, why not let your bathroom reflect who you are. Check out the beige paint, stop playing it safe, and get inspired by these ideas for bathrooms with a difference: Bathrooms: Retro Cool - If you love retro styles, why not create a bathroom to reflect your tastes? If your bathroom is well-ventilated, put up some of the retro-cool wallpaper that is coming back into fashion (Habitat do a great range), otherwise paint in a bold colour like blue or red. Bathrooms: Back in Time - Take your bathroom's image back to the Victorian era with a free-standing bath tub (with clawed or ball feet if possible). Use gold or bronze taps, add ornamental cornices to the ceilings and corners, add stained glass window panels, and source pretty decorative items such as cane chairs, oriental rugs and gathered curtains in lace. Use a light paint with an antiquing colour wash on the walls, then stencil in Victorian floral patterns in a soft dusky pink. Bathrooms: Hippy Chic - If you're more of a bohemian type, decorate your bathroom in a hippy chic style. Paint the walls purple or dark maroon, find an ethnic light shade and rug, hang pictures of India and Thailand on the wall, and scatter the bathroom with candles and incense burners. Bathrooms: Go Wild - Unleash the tiger in you and go wild with animal prints in your bathrooms! This style is not for the faint-hearted, but if you think you can handle it, put zebra or tiger print wallpaper up on one wall (doing all of them would be over-kill), buy matching animal-print bath mat and towels, and get a fabulously OTT gold mirror to complete the glam effect. Bathrooms: Country Living - Keep up with the neighbours with an extra posh bathroom, perfect for countryside lovers. Think either cosy cottage style or luxurious country mansion, depending on your tastes. For the cute cottage effect, find a simple white suite with soft lines and a free standing white ceramic bath. Use light paints on the walls, with a country-themed stencil such as horses or ducks. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.essorise with bowls of floral pot pourri, flowers and twee framed pictures of the countryside. Lace curtains are a must. For the mansion bathroom, fit a large sunken bath with gold taps, use marble or chequered flooring, have a thick rug, soft fluffy towels and a gold-leafed mirror. A-1 Plumbing Supply, create bathrooms that blend style and luxury with functionality.


Designer Bathroom - The Groom Rooms
Designer bathrooms are for everyone, you know. Pick up any male magazine like GQ and you'll find tons of fashion and style tips. And that's not to mention the increase in image-based magazines like Men's Fitness. Spas are now catering for a growing male market, and beauty brands are producing their own male lines. So it comes as no surprise that the ‘groom room' is coming into fashion with wealthy men who enjoy pampering, preening and relaxing in style. Find out what a groom room really is with this guide, and pick up some design tips so you can create your own at home. Designer Bathroom Trend: The Groom Room - Men who like to take care of their image have become more demanding about the space in which they do so. The ‘groom room' is a large designer bathroom space that incorporates a bathing and grooming area, a dressing area, and a fitness space (usually a bench with free weights). These bathrooms have become increasingly popular with wealthy male New Yorkers, who invariably live in a penthouse and have floor to ceiling windows so they can look out from their groom room across the Manhattan skyline. Designer Bathroom Style in Groom Rooms - It goes without saying that the average ‘groom room' is the epitome of style, featuring modern yet understated fittings. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. There will either be a walk-in shower (power shower of course) or a freestanding bath, and a minimalist suite of toilet and sink to match. The basins will likely have a twist, such as being wall-mounted or on a stainless steel washstand. There will of course be sleek mirrors behind the sink, and a full-length mirror in the dressing and fitness areas. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.essories come from the finest bathroom designers, and grooming products are all top-of-the range. Expect Ralph Lauren towels and a heated towel rail to keep them toasty. Create a Designer Bathroom in the Groom Room style - If you love the sound of the ‘groom room' style, but are far from owning a Manhattan penthouse, then follow these tips to copying the style in your own home: High street bathroom design brands are all creating minimalist fittings and suites, so you can copy the groom room style without breaking the bank. Search online or in catalogues for your favourite style. Again, mainstream brands now sell designer showers for the average bathroom, so you can get a walk-in or cubicle shower that will look as good as a top of the range one. These come with a choice of options such as multiple jets, fixed showerhead, and even remote control showers. Keep your bathroom design as clean and uncluttered as possible. The lower wheels and panels can be released to expose the for thorough cleaning. Mirrors should be simple and stylish, products should be tucked away in a cupboard, and your towels should at least look expensive even if they aren't. A-1 Plumbing Supply, create bathrooms that blend style and luxury with functionality. We also provide sinks, mixer showers, bathroom suites.


GE GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater
Shop A-1 Plumbing Supply Premium Shopping Marketplace for a General Electric GE GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater. Imagine the luxury of always having plenty of hot water, exactly when you need it. GE's NEW Tankless Gas Water Heater activates the moment the hot water tap is opened and turns off when the tap is closed. And there's no tank to run empty or take up space. With advanced heat pump technology combined with traditional electric elements, this new GeoSpring hybrid electric heat pump water heater has been designed with maximum energy efficiency in mind. The tank portion of this ENERGY STAR® qualified electric water heater includes two electric heating elements, a pressure relief valve, an internal porcelain-lined tank and an anode rod. But what truly sets this product apart is just above the tank. US EPA Energy Star Rating - Qualifies for Federal State and many enrgy provider rebates. READ MORE


A-1 Plumbing Supply Water Flow Calculator
A-1 Plumbing Supply Water Flow Calculator. This free calculator allows the user to input the fluid type, the fluid temperature, the flow rate, the pipe size, pipe length, and pipe material. The calculator then determines the velocity, the Reynolds number, the Moody friction factor, the pipe friction factor (from the Colebrook equation), the pipe head loss, and the pipe friction loss in PSI. This new version also calculates losses for fittings, valves, and other losses which the user specifies. The new version calculates recommended control valve coefficients (if a control valve is specified), and it also calculates total fluid volume in the piping system (this is real handy for determining the amounts of water conditioners to add, and to design expansion tanks). Please feel free to try out this fabulous A1LY technical resource. READ MORE


A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse Introduces Mini-link Internet Service
The A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse, A1LY.COM, New York NY a global leader in plumbing wholesale distribution, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, has introduced the 2A1.US mini-link internet service which shortens those nasty long internet URL links into sweet simple links which are simple to use, easy to remember. Scott Mann of A-1 Plumbing Supply said in a recent press conference ‘Simple is better and our mini-link service provides a wonderful branding opportunity for our company and ensures our readers that they will safely wind up on the site recommended in our reference links. READ MORE


A-1 Master Plumber Customer Education Series
A-1 Master Plumber Customer Education Series. Otto Moss, A-1 Plumbing Supply Resident Licensed Master Plumber Q&A Customer Education. "My new fill valve comes on and goes off for a few seconds once per hour; Why does my toilet continue to run after flushing; What's the best way to replace my toilet flapper?" A: Generally, with most toilets: turn off the water supply and flush the toilet. Reach in and unhook the ears of the flapper and unhook the chain from the trip lever. Install an identical flapper to the original that came from the factory. Do expect to get your hands dirty from the old flapper. Simply reinstall the new one in reverse order. READ MORE


PLASTIC TUBING AND HOSE Fittings And Clamps Now In Stock Immediate Delivery
A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse Premium Shopping is pleased to announce that we now are a stocking distributor of thermoplastic and thermoset tubing and hose, and a supplier of fittings and clamps made in USA. A-1 Plumbing Supply offers one of the broadest product lines of tubing, hose, and fittings for Fluid Transfer applications. A1LY Saves you time and cost by knowing the product is reliable the first time. We will answer your toughest tubing application questions. Reduce your purchasing costs by buying a complete system from A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse. A1LY can provide samples for testing, saves you time and cost by knowing that your system will meet your application needs before buying. Time released inventory management, fast, reliable, cost-effective delivery of orders. Now stocking for immediate delivery, buy today ship today - PVC: Clearflo® Clear PVC tubing Nylobrade® Braid reinforced hose Nylobrade® Push-On Hose Braid reinforced opaque hose Newflex® Spiral reinforced suction hose Vardex® Steel wire reinforced hose Clear-40® Piping System Clear rigid schedule 40 pipe & fittings. POLYURETHANE: Superthane® Polyurethane tubing Superthane® Pneumatic Colored Polyurethane tubing Urebrade® Braid reinforced hose. NYLON: Nylotube® Nylon-11 tubing Nylon-12 tubing. POLYETHYLENE: Zelite(TM) Linear low density tubing Polyethylene-lined EVA tubing Co-extruded tubing. POLYPROPYLENE: Prolite® Polypropylene tubing. FLUOROPOLYMER: Fluoropolymer Tubing PTFE, FEP, & PFA tubing. AWG & Fractional PTFE Tubing PTFE tubing Coiltef(TM) Coiled FEP tubing. Corrtef(TM) Corrugated FEP tubing. Contef(TM) Convoluted PTFE tubing. Stainless Steel Overbraided PTFE Hose Smooth Core PTFE hose. TPR: Suprene® Thermoplastic rubber tubing. VITON® Vitube® Flexible tubing of Viton® SILICONE: Silcon® Silicone tubing Silbrade® Braid reinforced hose Silcon® Medical & pump grade tubing Silbrade® Medical Braid reinforced hose Silcon® Med-X Platinum cured medical grade tubing Silvac® Polyester & wire reinforced silicone suction hose HYTREL® Hytrel®-lined PVC tubing Co-extruded tubing. LATEX: Newtex Natural latex rubber tubing. Millions of feet of tubing & hose in inventory means fast delivery - over ninety-eight percent of stock orders ship the same day. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse Premium Shopping is an extended family of people working together to bring you excellence in service and in the high quality tubing, hose, and fittings products you need. ###


Use A-1 Plumbing Supply Text Message Service For Big Savings
Use A-1 Plumbing Supply Text Message Service For Big Savings: A-1 Plumbing Supply Premium Shopping Marketplace Savings and Coupons information is now accessible via text message. Text Message 41411 with STORE in your message to receive A-1 Plumbing Supply Savings Alerts on your mobile phone. Text Message 41411 with 4141 in your message to receive A-1 Plumbing Supply Shopping Daily COUPON on your mobile phone. Text Message 41411 with WXNYC in your message to receive New York City 10011 Weather on your mobile phone. Service available on the following wireless networks: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin & Alltel, carrier charge may apply. ###


A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse e-Specials
The A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse e-Specials: e-Specials is an exciting way to receive information on the latest ideas in promotional products from The A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse right at the convenience of your desktop. Through e-Specials, you will receive an electronic flyer distributed monthly featuring the hottest trends in value merchandise at exceptional prices. We practice permission-based marketing, always allowing you the option to "unsubscribe" with every mailing. If you would like to receive A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse e-Specials with great up-to-date promotional products and pricing, please click on the contact link to commence receiving this valuable publication. Watch out for falling prices for items purchased in bulk quantity. ###


A-1 Plumbing Supply Monthly Newsletter
The A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse Newsletter gives you more than just a monthly news summary. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse News provides insightful analysis of today's important worldwide value events and what they mean to you and your family. The A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse News helps you keep up with the technology, business, and techniques. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse News is a great conversation that engages its readers with news of the value world. The value newsletter that regards shoppers, seriously and straightforwardly. Each issue contains a lively mix of topics, compelling stories, crisp design, and thoughtful packaging. ###


A-1 Plumbing Supply Low Price Guarantee
At A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse, your covered with our Low Price Guarantee on all of our products. If you find a lower price than ours on the Internet or offline, and you meet the requirements, you may be eligible for a price match or discount. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse will make every effort possible to meet or beat a competitor's price. Eligibility Requirements: You are eligible for the price-match if you meet the following requirements: The Internet retailer must be an authorized dealer of the item. No private individuals or auctions please. The Internet retailer must have the identical item In-Stock at the time of the price match. Price Match MUST include the product price plus Shipping/Handling charges and Sales Tax when calculating the competitor's total price. The Internet retailer's lower price must be published on their website. The product being price matched MUST have a published list price or MSRP and is priced accurately. Terms & Conditions: Low Price Guarantee only applies to new orders. Price Match request must be made at the time of purchase. Items that are lowered in price cannot be combined with any other promotion. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse reserves the right to determine if the competitor's offer is legitimate. The Internet retailer's lower price must not require membership fees, coupons, product-bundling purchase, or rebates. Low Price Guarantee does not apply to close-outs, discontinued merchandise, backorders or special orders. Offer does not include wholesale, contract or manufacturer direct pricing or below wholesale cost pricing. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse reserves the right to not sell any product below its wholesale cost. The low price guarantee does not include the freight cost of oversized shipments. If A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse is unable to match prices with the competitor, we may at our discretion offer a discount as an alternative. The low price guarantee is subject to change without prior notice. Low Price Guarantee excludes Moen, Briggs, Grohe, LaRunda, Blanco and American Standard products since these companies have an IMAP or Internet Minimum Asking Price Please Note: A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse doesn't guarantee that it has the "lowest price" online or offline. A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse reserves the right to not sell any product below its cost and therefore may be unable to meet the lower price of a competitor. Please be aware that A-1 Plumbing Supply Warehouse only sells the newest models shipped directly from the manufacturer to our warehouses. We do not accept price matches for re-manufactured, re-furbished, unsealed or counterfeit products. Dun and Bradstreet DUNS Number 60-082-7641. ###


The Perfect Choice in Gas Control Technology Only From Bradford White
Sophisticated, Beautiful & Intelligent The Perfect Choice in Gas Control Technology Only From Bradford White. The NEW Bradford White ICON SystemTM is so much more than a gas valve. It’s a revolutionary advance in water heating control technology available only to the professional installer and wholesaler. The Bradford White ICON SystemTM offers numerous energy and time-saving benefits to the homeowner, contractor and wholesaler and sets a new standard in gas water heater control technology. The Bradford White ICON SystemTM is standard equipment on Bradford White Residential and Light Duty Commercial products* at no extra cost!

The Bradford White Icon SystemTM Features & Benefits: Advanced Temperature Control System - Microprocessor constantly monitors and controls burner operation to maintain consistent and accurate water temperature levels. Exclusive Performance Software - Proprietary algorithms provide enhanced First Hour Delivery ratings and tighter temperature differentials. Intelligent Diagnostics - An exclusive green LED light prompts the installer during start-up and provides ten different diagnostic codes to assist in troubleshooting. Pilot-On-Indication - Flashing green LED provides positive indication that pilot is on. Millivolt Powered - An off-the-shelf thermopile converts heat energy from the pilot flame into electrical energy to operate the gas valve and electronics. No external electricity required. Separate Immersed Thermowell - High strength advanced polymer composite thermowell provides isolation between electronic temperature sensor and surrounding water. No need to drain the tank when removing, or replacing the gas valve. Integrated Piezo Igniter - Built into the control itself, the igniter eliminates the need to open the combustion chamber to light the pilot. Universal Replacement - The Bradford White ICON System™ service kits are available for direct replacement, or for the replacement of Robertshaw or White-Rodgers gas valves on most older Bradford White models. Proven Technology - Over 150,000 units installed over the past three years have proven the durability, reliability and simplicity of this technology. Bradford White is proud to stand by its wholesale sales and professional installation philosophy. Our products are built to the highest quality and highest performance and we firmly believe in safe, professional installation. You'll find that Bradford White is the only major water heater manufacturer who fully supports the plumbing and heating industry. You won't find our water heaters at the local retail center where unsafe, corner-cutting installations frequently occur to save a few dollars. When it comes to working with gas and electric we want to be certain a professional installs our products.

Why has Bradford White invested in such an advanced control technology? In a word…Customers. Our customers asked for a sophisticated yet simple control, one that gives them performance enhancements and diagnostic capabilities. Our customers asked for it…and we are proud to deliver the Bradford White ICON SystemTM, available now from A-1 Plumbing Supply https://a1ly.com/ ###


Water Filters for Your Health
Water Filters for Your Health. We know how much you value clean and healthy water for your family. Shop A-1 Plumbing Supply to find top-of-the line water filtration systems and filter replacement cartridges that will give you the peace of mind that every drop of water your family uses is fresh and pure. Filtered water is also better tasting and better smelling than unfiltered water, and costs much, much less than bottled waters that might not even be pure in origin. A-1 Plumbing Supply stocks the countertop filters that can leave your family’s water clean and healthy by removing all the harmful bacteria and chemicals, yet allowing healthy mineral deposits to remain that balance out your water’s PH. Pure, filtered water protects the body from disease and leads to general overall better health. Unfiltered water can not only taste bad, but can also contain bacterial contaminants and chlorine that can make your family sick. Studies have even linked chlorine and its byproducts in unfiltered drinking water with increases in rectal, colon, and bladder cancer. Point-of-use water filters, such as a filter faucet, under sink filter, ice maker filter, or whole house filter can remove these pollutants and chemicals, leaving only water in its purest state for your family to enjoy. Unfiltered drinking water can contain cryptosporidium and giardia, which are a leading cause of gastrointestinal illness and disease. By using either a filter faucet only or whole house water filtration system, you can safeguard your family from from over 2,100 known toxins that thrive in common drinking and tap water. A filter faucet is a great and economical way to make sure that your family’s drinking water is pure and free from harmful contaminants and bacteria that can lead to poor health. A filter faucet is easy to install and can be found at A-1 Plumbing Supply in a variety of finishes and styles to match your kitchen’s décor. No well-equipped kitchen is complete without an icemaker, and no icemaker is complete without a good ice maker water filter. Easy to install and worth its weight in gold, the ice maker filter ensures that the water used in your icemaker is free from harmful pollutants and noxious bacteria. For the ultimate protection of your family’s water supply, A-1 Plumbing Supply stocks high quality whole house filters from name brands you know and trust at prices that won’t take a big chunk out of your wallet. A whole house filter system connects to the main line of water that enters your home and filters the water that is dispenses into all of your home’s faucets, toilets, showers, baths, kitchen, and laundry area. A whole house filter system can remove sediment, bacteria, and hard minerals from your water. Another great choice that you can find at A-1 Plumbing Supply to help safeguard your family from the many pollutants found in sink water and tap water is a complete reverse osmosis filter system which can halt nearly any contaminant in its tracks. A reverse-osmosis filter system is usually mounted under the sink and can screen out the smallest of pollutants, including arsenic, copper, lead, chlorine, giardia, salt, pesticides, sulfates, nitrates, and lead, as well as many viruses and bacteria that common plague drinking water. A reverse osmosis system can create a three layered barrier than most contaminants cannot penetrate to provide a great layer of protection for your family’s drinking water. Under the sink filters, filtered water dispensers, and drinking water systems add a layer of defense for your family by assuring that every ounce of water that is dispensed from your faucet is in its purest possible form. Bottled water for your family can cost hundreds of dollars a year, and even then you are not assured that the water you are drinking is pure or comes from an untainted and clean source, whereas a water filtration system can be installed in minutes and maintained for much, much less. Another problem that many homeowners face is hard water that is heavy-laden with sulfur, magnesium, and calcium, resulting in water that is discolored and oftentimes odorous. A-1 Plumbing Supply stocks high quality water softeners and water softener treatment that removes the ions in the water that causes it to be hard, thus resulting in clean, pure water. Our families are our biggest investment, and A-1 Plumbing Supply believes that yours deserves a pure water source that is free and uncontaminated with harmful chemicals and bacteria. And because we search high and low to bring you the best deals from across the industry, you can find comfort in the fact that giving your family clean, great-tasting water will be easy on the wallet. At A-1 Plumbing Supply , we deal with only brands that have been proven and exalted for their performance and superiority, such as Aqua Pure and Everpure – industry leaders that stand up to the test of time and provide consistently first class functionality. Shop with A-1 Plumbing Supply for all of your family’s water purification needs. ###



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Push-fit Insta-Loc™ valves, Push-fit quick connect fittings, Push-fit quick connect fittings for water filters, ice makers and other small tubing applications, Push-fit Sharkbite® valves, Push-pull stoppers, Putty - Epoxy for repairs, Putty for marble, stone, granite sinks, PVC cement, PVC plastic - bulkhead fittings, PVC plastic - compression fittings, PVC plastic - expansion coupling, PVC plastic - fittings, PVC plastic - fittings saver tool, PVC plastic - flexible pipe, PVC plastic - insert fittings, PVC plastic - nipples, PVC plastic - pipe cutters, PVC plastic - saddles, PVC plastic - valves, PVC solvent, Qualis faucets, Quality bar sinks, Quality copper kitchen sinks, Quality mirrors, Quality steam generators, Quality stainless steel kitchen sinks, Quality teak floor mats, Quality teak shower benches, Quality water filters, Quartz kitchen sinks, 'Quick and Easy' shower caddies, Quick-change water filter, Quick connect/disconnect full flow fittings, Quick connect/disconnect Sharkbite® hose fittings, Quick connect fittings, Rudi Troy, Quick connect fittings, Rudi Troy for small diameter tubing, Quick connect hose fittings, Quick disconnect gas valve/coupling, Quick repair fittings for PVC, Quick Strap™, Quick tee adapters, "Quiet Check valve" for sump or sewer pump drain lines, Quiet ceiling exhaust fans, QuietFill® toilet fill valves, Quotes, inspirational, Qwik-Jon systems, Qwik-Jon® Ultima sewage removal grinder toilet systems, Radiators (quality towel warmers by Zehnder), Rainbar body spray, Rain canopy-luxury dream light shower heads, Rain canopy-style shower heads, Raindance hand showers, Rainfall shower heads, Rainshower products from Grohe, RamBit, plastic socket saving tool, Rams, kinetic water, Range commercial faucets, Range reflector pans, Range (stove top) products, Recirculation pumps, Grundfos, Recirculation pumps, Laing, Rectangular drop in sinks, Recycle bathroom sink grey water, Red duct tape, Reduced flow showerheads, Reduced pressure 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Toilets, Cheviot brand, Toilets, Case repair parts, Toilets, macerating, Toilets, old fashion type, Toilets, stainless steel, Toilets, St. Thomas brand, Toilets, Victorian, Tools for cleaning drains, large, Tools for cleaning drains, medium, Tools for cleaning drains, small, Tools, plumbing, Tools, water stopper, Top mount sinks, Advance Tabco, Top mount sinks, double bowl, Top mount sinks, single bowl, top quality teak floor mats, Tops, toilet tank, Torch, self-igniting for propane & mapp MPS gas, Total Sense steam generators with aromatherapy and chromatherapy, Toto® commercial products, Toto® heated toilet seats - Chloe and Jasmin, Toto® tank levers, Toto® toilets, Toto® toilet seats, Toto® toilet tank lids (cover tops), Toto® toilet will fit flappers and fill valves, Touchless faucets, Touchless soap dispensers, Toulouse series faucets, Towel bars and racks, Towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks and tissue holders, Towel racks, Towel radiators and warmers, Zehnder, Towel rails, 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system (larger), Ultraviolet water purification systems, Under counter water filters, Under counter water heaters, Under counter water heaters, Ariston, Under ground gas pipe wrap, and other tapes, Undermount copper bar sinks, Undermount copper kitchen sinks, Undermount sinks, Elkay, Undermount sinks, Enex stainless steel, Undermount sinks, glass, Undermount sinks, Griffin stainless steel, Undermount sinks, Kindred, Undermount sinks, Revere, Undermount sinks, St. Thomas, Undermount stainless steel bar sinks, Undermount stainless unique sized sinks, Under sink filter systems, Under sink protection covers, Under sink pump up systems, Under sink shut-off valves, Underwater pumps by Liberty Pump Co., Underwater pumps by Zoeller, Unions, di-electric, Unique hand hammered sinks, Uni-sex restroom sign, Universal Rundle parts, Universal Rundle replacement toilet tank lids, Universal stop keys, Universal toilet flapper, Universal tub drain trim kits, Up-flush toilet systems, Up-flush toilet systems, Liberty, Up-flush toilet systems, Saniflo, Up-flush toilet systems, Zoeller, URC toilet tank lids, Urinal flushometers, exposed type - manually operated, Urinal flushometers, exposed type - sensor activated, Urinal flush valves, battery operated, Urinal flush valves, hands free - sensor operated types, Urinal flush valves (metering type by Chicago), Urinal flush valves (Sloan), Urinals, porcelain, Urinal spuds, Urinals, stainless steel, Urinals, stainless steel, heavy duty, Urinals, water-free, Use bathroom sink grey water to flush toilet, Utility hydrants, Utility marker locator, Utility pumps, portable, Utility pump switch (electronic), Utility sink faucets, UV countertop water filter systems, Vacuum breaker for hosebibbs, Vacuum breakers, drip, Vacuum breakers, pressure type, brass, Valley faucet parts, Valley faucets on sale, Value priced lav faucets, Valve, angle stop, Valve, ball, Valve, brass/bronze check, Valve, clawfoot tub, Valve, diverters for showers, Valve, drain, commercial kitchen sinks, Valve, drain, water heater, Valve, drinking fountain bubbler, Valve, float, bronze, Valve, garden, Valve, gas control, Valve, gas shut-off, Valve, gate, Valve, globe, Valve, hose, Valve, Insta-Loc™, Valve, isolator, Valve, Kitz brand, Valve, pressure balance, Valve, pressure balancing, Valve, pressure regulator, Valve, pressure relief, Valve, PVC, Valve, PVC check, Valves and trim kits for diverters, Valves and trim kits to control water volume in showers, Valves for water heaters, Valve, stainless, Valve, straight stop, Valve, temperature & pressure relief, Valve, thermostatic, Valve, washing machine outlet, Vandal resistant aerators, Vandal resistant laminar flow devices, Vandal resistant shower heads, Vanity mirrors, Vanity mirrors - deluxe, Vanity mirrors, lighted, Vanity mirrors, non-lighted, Vanity table mirrors, Venetian glass lights, Vent, auto trap, Vent fans, Vent pipe filters, Vent pipe guards & screens, Veracruz series bathroom faucets by Franz Viegener, Versaflo circulator pumps, Vertically adjustable mirrors, Vertical shower columns, Vertical slide mirrors by Baci, Vertical sliding mirrors, Vertical spas, Vessel faucets, Vessel sink faucets, waterfall style, Vessel sinks, Vessel sinks, glass, Vessel sinks, hammered, Vessel sinks, stone, VHP toilet tank lids, Victorian clawfoot tubs, Victorian/clawfoot tub shower enclosures, Victorian Series tub/shower repair parts, Victorian shower accessories, Victorian style bathtubs with pedestal base, Victorian style faucets, Victorian style faucets by Delta, Victorian style sinks, Victorian style toilets, Victorian style toilets (more), Victorian tub fillers, Victorian tub/shower faucets, Victorian tub/shower faucets with supplies, Video location and inspection systems, Video pipe inspection system, Video sewer and drain inspection systems, Vintage hands free electronic faucets, Vintage shower packages, Vinyl hose washers, Vinyl tubing (braided - clear), Vinyl tubing (clear), Visutemp 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warmers, Wall-mounted porcelain china urinals, Wall-mounted sensor operated scrub sinks by Just Mfg, Wall-mounted sensor operated scrub sinks by Sloan, Wall-mounted shower caddy, Wall-mounted shower seats, Wall-mounted shower panels, Wall-mounted sinks (stainless), Wall-mounted soap dispensers, Wall-mounted surgical scrub sinks, Wall-mounted towel warmers, Wall-mounted tub spouts, Wall-mounted water coolers, Wall sconce (bathroom lights), Walrus brand pumps, Warmrails towel warmers, Warm toilet seats, Warning, humorous and also serious, Wash basins deluxe - tempered glass, Washers, vinyl hose, WasherWatcher laundry tub flood prevention kit, Wash hand basins (WHB) by Barclay, Washing machine automatic shutoff valves, Washing machine flood stop, Washing machine outlet boxes, Washing machine stainless hose connectors, Washing machine valves, Washing sinks, various, Washlet E200 by Toto, Wassi water stopper - soldering tool, Waste and overflow bathtub parts, Waste and overflow bathtub trim kits, Waste assemblies, cable operated - brass, Waste assemblies, cable operated - plastic, Waste assemblies, decorative, Waste King brand garbage disposals, Waste King brand garbage disposer repair parts, Waste King commercial food waste disposers, Waste King commercial food waste disposers, specifications, Waste King disposer flanges, Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 111, Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 1001 (SS1001), Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 2600 (SS2600), Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 3100 (SS3100), Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 3300 (SS3300), Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 5000TC (SS5000TC), Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 8000 (SS8000), Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 9900TC, Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 9910, Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 9920, Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 9930, Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 9950, Waste King garbage disposer parts for model 9980, Waste King disposer parts, Waste King replacement parts, Waste King strainers ("will fit" WasteKing disposers), "Waste Mate" series sewage pumps, Waste / sewage pumps, Waste / sewage removal systems, Waste valves for commercial sinks, Waste water filter systems, Watco bath tub drain waste assemblies, Water alarms, Water and energy saving products index, Water collection and removal systems, Water connectors, flexible stainless steel, Water conservation device for your shower, Water conservation products, Water conserving dual flush valves, Water Dance pressure balancing tub/shower systems, Water coolers, Water coolers, filtered, Water damage prevention kits, Water damage protect sytems, Water Dance components, Water Dance tub/shower systems with slide bar, Water Detective brand alarm, Water dispensing faucets, Danze, Waterfall faucets, Water filter kits, Water filters, Water filters, American Plumber, Water filters, countertop model, 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heaters, straps, earthquake,, Water heaters, Takagi gas instantaneous, Water heaters, tankless - instant, Water heaters, temperature & pressure relief valves, Water heaters, thermocouples, Water heaters, thermostats (electric), Water heaters, thermostats (gas), Water heaters, Tiny Titan parts, Water heaters, under-counter - small, Water leak detection system, Water meters, Water nozzles and sprayers, Water powered backup sump pump, Water powered backup sump pump, Liberty Pumps, Water pressure booster pumps, Water pressure regulators, Water pump systems (great for basements), Water purification systems, Water recycling system for flushing toilets, Water rams (for clearing stoppages), Water removal systems, Water Ridd submersible pumps, Water saver shower heads, Water saving bathroom faucets, Water saving device for your shower, Water saving flush valves, Water saving kitchen faucets, Water saving products, Water saving showerheads, Water saving urinals, Watersense® labeled bathroom faucet index, Watersense® labeled centerset bathroom faucets, Watersense® labeled single hole mount bathroom faucets, Watersense® labeled vessel style faucets, Watersense® labeled wall mounted bathroom faucets, Watersense® labeled widespread & mini-widespread bathroom faucets, Water softener, Water softener air gap, Water softener, American Plumber, Water softener, cabinet, Water softener, commercial demand, Water softener, Cuno, Water stopper for pipe repairs, Water supply accessories, bath/shower, Water supply elbows, Water supply kits for sinks, less trap, Water supply kits for sinks, with trap, Water supply kits for toilets, Water test gauges, Water transfer, Water treatment, acid neutralizer, Water treatment, filters - large selection, Water treatment, reverse osmosis, Water treatment, softeners, Water treatment, ultraviolet, Waterford sinks, Watering can shower heads, Waterstone brand index, Waterstone filter faucets, WaterWatcher flood prevention kit, Wax rings for toilets, Wayside pit stainless steel toilets, Webstone isolation valves, Wedges, wobble, Well parts, Wesaunard brand towel warmers, Western Pottery toilet tank lids , Wet bar faucets, Wheeler-Rex portable pipe threaders, Wheeler-Rex products, Whirlaway garbage disposer parts, Whirlpool bathtubs, Este, Whirlpool brand garbage disposers, Whirlpool™ refrigerator filters, Whirlpool style bathtubs, Americh and links to others, White duct tape, Whole house scale inhibitors, Whole house water filters, Whole house water filters, Cuno, Whole house water filters, stainless steel, Whole house water shutoff system, Widespread bathroom faucets, old fashioned, Widespread bathroom faucets, Latoscana, Widespread bathroom faucets, Sigma, Wireless alarm system, Wireless high-water and high-sewer alarm, Wireless water security system, Zone heating valves. Zone heating control.

We have made significant, responsive progress in building a highly-focused business, structured for stability and dynamic success with enhanced autonomy, opulence, resources and strategic flexibility, needed to meet the unique, expanding information needs of our customer segments, in a timely ever-changing world. A solid proven record of accomplishment to build on for the future. ###

We have made significant, responsive progress in building a highly-focused business, structured for stability and dynamic success with enhanced autonomy, opulence, resources and strategic flexibility, needed to meet the unique, expanding information needs of our customer segments, in a timely ever-changing world. A solid proven record of accomplishment to build on for the future. ###


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